HAL Project Results Are In

HAL Project Results Are In

The HAL Project was conducted by the Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries. The HAL evaluated 19 Buffalo Lawn Turf varieties at many locations around Australia.

The Project was undertaken to evaluate the 19 varieties of buffalo grasses submitted for trial. Its Aim was the development of technical information in relation to the adaptation of buffalo grasses to crop morphology, fertiliser x mowing frequency, wear, shade and herbicides undertaken at Redlands Research Station; water use/drought tolerance and performance on alkaline soils at the University of Western Australia and monitoring the adaptation and management of these different buffalo grasses with major private and public developers and users of turf around Australia.

Matilda performed on top and very highly in the Wear Tolerance, Disease Testing, Chemical Resistance, Shade Tolerance, Fertiliser v Mowing Frequency and Drought Tolerance

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