About Us

100% Australian Made & Owned

About Us

Matilda prides itself on being 100% Australian Made and Owned. Matilda is grown by a dedicated group of families that take pride in their new turf made by Australian's for Australian conditions. Where many leading turf are in fact overseas origin our Matilda is "True Blue".

Look out for the range of Matilda lawn care products to maintain your lawn all year round. The Matilda Family hope you enjoy your new Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn and that it'll be the envy of neighbour's for years to come. For a superior lawn that is so easy to care for and to own, try "Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo".

Just So Easy To Love

Matilda is a semi dwarf soft-leaf buffalo lawn, with a smooth texture on both sides of the leaf, allowing you to enjoy your lawn under your bare feet. Your children and pets will love Matilda, due to its low allergenic properties and a more dense structured leaf mass, unlike most other turf varieties available.

Matilda will cope with the wear and tear that most lawns will not tolerate. If your lawn becomes damaged it will quickly self repair to keep that magnificent appearance your neighbour's will envy. "Matilda Turf, so easy to care for, so casual to own"

Watch the Video

Understand what sets Matilda buffalo grass apart from the rest. A 100% Australian product, designed for the climate and conditions of this country. Durable enough to withstand the rough impact of families and pets, whilst remaining lush and gentle under paws and bare feet. A bright evergreen colour that survives during the winter and summer months. Drought tolerant and ideal for your lawn. View the video to find out exactly how this grass survives and performs under tough conditions.