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Establishing Your New Lawn

Establishing Your New Lawn

1Day One

After your lawn has been laid, it is important that you water it within half an hour of the 1st roll being laid. As a general rule your new lawn should be kept moist and well watered for the first few days. To check whether it has been watered sufficiently, pull back a corner of the lawn and see if the water has penetrated at least 25mm into the soil.

2First Three Weeks

Repeat this watering process on the second day. Watering can be reduced to every 2nd to 3rd day over a 3 week period during the warmer months of the year. During the cooler months of the year, watering can be lessened to every 3rd or 4th day over a 2-3 week period. (Watering requirements vary, throughout seasonal changes of the year.)

3Water Correctly

Once your lawn is established DO NOT over water your lawn, as it may lead to root rot therefore killing your new lawn. Watering evening or late afternoon, are the ideal times to water your new lawn, as it will help retain the water and minimise evaporation.

4Love Your New Lawn

Establishing your new lawn can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year you lay your lawn. During the first six months monitor your lawn, as the root system is still shallow – we recommend you water your new lawn no less than weekly. Use a soaker hose for water efficiency and good saturation. In extreme heat conditions water twice a week.

When Can I Mow?

When Can I Mow?

Approximately 4-6 weeks after laying your Lawn or once the root system has latched firmly into the soil you can lightly mow your Lawn. Mowing too low can scalp the lawn, leaving it weak and struggling to re-strengthen.

Never leave excessive amounts of clippings on your lawn, as it will suffocate the lawn and may cause the lawn to die off.

Mowing Method
  • To ensure no damage to your lawn we recommend that when mowing you should not cut off anymore than about 1/3 off the blade length and do not expose the runners.
  • During the establishment stages try and leave a little longer between regular mowing - Do not try to mow it back to its original length, mow your lawn over 2 stages.
  • Stage 1 - Mow half the length off, leave for 3 days to settle.
  • Stage 2 - Mow the Lawn back to its required length without mowing to low, as its root system can be sparse and weak. Following this method of mowing allows your Lawn to regain its strength and keep its lush look.

Once your lawn is established you can mow as needed to keep it at the length you require.

When Do I Fertilise?

When Do I Fertilise?

After the 1st or second mow you can fertilise your Lawn only if required, otherwise 4-6 weeks later. Fertilising your Lawn should be distributed evenly and not too heavily. Over fertilising will burn and damage your Lawn.

It is best to test a small patch of your lawn, to determine the quantity of fertiliser, your Lawn may need. Requirements may vary depending on differing soil types and weather conditions.

Water immediately after fertiliser has been spread, over the required areas, as it can burn your lawn, if not watered immediately.

As a future guide your Lawn should be fertilised three times a year to maintain optimum results. Recommended times for fertilising your Lawn are, the end of autumn, end of winter or early spring and mid summer.

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