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Hard Wearing, Shade-Resistant and Pet Friendly Buffalo Turf

Choose a durable option that will remain soft underfoot throughout all seasons. Ideal for shaded areas or drought conditions, Matilda buffalo grass will tolerate it all. 100% Australian, this product is quickly becoming a favourite among home owners in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne and beyond for its low initial price and ongoing maintenance costs.
Gone are the days of a harsh, dry buffalo lawn that puts you off walking barefoot outdoors. Enjoy your time outside and be proud of your garden with a premium, lush and natural option. Perfect for small children and pets, it’s soft leaf structure and smooth texture ensures that even particularly sensitive-animals and people won’t suffer when walking on buffalo turf.
Comfortable, convenient and easy to maintain, buffalo grass is the ideal choice for climates across the country. Whatever your budget, the competitive price per square metre will ensure that even the largest spaces can be covered and affordable maintained. Whether you’re battling extreme heat in Perth or the depths of a Tasmanian winter, your turf will stay looking immaculate with a little – but not a lot – of TLC.

Shade Tolerant

Shade Tolerant

The wide blade of grass enhances its shade tolerance. Install with confidence in any area of your garden.

Soft To Touch

Soft To Touch

One of the strongest turf varieties with the lushest surface. Soft enough for children, tough enough for hard use.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Keep your furry friends happy with a gentle lawn underneath their paws. Strong enough to handle wear and tear.

Caring for your lawn

Find out all you need to know in order to care for your grass. A step by step guide on how to ensure your grass lasts.

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Thatch in Buffalo? The Truth about Thatch
Thatch in Buffalo? The Truth about Thatch




Alot of questions have been razed recently regarding Thatch in lawns, particularly in buffalo turf, While some will have you believe Thatch is a bad thing for your lawn, it is not. excess thatch is very easy to prevent. Thatch is a loose, intermingled organic layer of dead and living shoots, stems and roots in your... Continue Reading

HAL Project Results Are In
HAL Project Results Are In




The HAL Project was conducted by the Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries. The HAL evaluated 19 Buffalo Lawn Turf varieties at many locations around Australia. The Project was undertaken to evaluate the 19 varieties of buffalo grasses submitted for trial. Its Aim was the development of technical information... Continue Reading

Hear from some happy Matilda owners

“Super happy with how our lawn has turned out. We had a different type of lawn in our previous house and it was a mess. Matilda buffalo looks so much more even.”- Maryanne, Cessnock

“We've had Matilda Buffalo grass on our last two lawns and couldn't be happier. Turf was heathy and strong all year round, and we get far less weeds compared to when we used Kikuyu.”- Grant, Seven Hills