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Turf Suppliers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Beyond

Get what you need when and where you need it. Matilda Turf is proud to have partnered with an extensive network of local suppliers of lawn and lawn care products. Active across the country, you’ll find Matilda products in Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, the Melbourne and Brisbane areas and more.

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We ensure that everyone in our country can experience the luxurious softness and easy-to-maintain nature of our buffalo grass, which we believe is the perfect choice for any lawn in any home in Australia. Simply speak to your nearest turf supplies store to discover exactly why so many people are choosing Matilda for their home.

A full range of turf supplies provided Australia-wide

In addition to offering our turf, our suppliers can also equip both new and existing lawn-owners with the very best hand-picked lawn care equipment and consumables. Our team has worked hard to develop or discover the very best turf supplies; ones that bring out the best at any stage of growth.
Begin with our own Lawn Starter and Lawn Fertiliser, and supplement them with our specially-chosen weedkiller for the control of broadleaf weeds, winter grass and other plants hazardous to your new or established lawn. We can also provide special soil conditioners and seaweed-based plant tonics to encourage the vibrant colour and unparalleled softness of our turf. Browse our online shopfront or give your local store a call and discover how you can make the most of your Matilda turf.

Let our network of turf suppliers assist you

Across NSW in Newcastle, Sydney and the Central Coast, down to Melbourne and west to WA, you’ll find Matilda Turf stockists everywhere. Find your local outlet here and get in touch to get started.
Need more information on our products? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll provide the answers you need on installation, maintenance and care, meaning you have everything you need to create the lush, green fields of your dreams. Call our office today on 1800 MATILDA, or send us a message via our contact form or through email to andrew@matildaturf.com.au.